What’s cooking in YOUR kitchen this spring? (Guest author: Shoshana Belisle)

Share your favorite spring recipes for our Community Wellness Cookbook


Now that spring has sprung, it’s possible that you’ve noticed a change in your eating preferences.  Perhaps you have less of an appetite overall, or perhaps you crave foods that are lighter and cleaner.  This is natural and healthy this time of year as your body conducts its own internal “spring cleaning.”  I know that in our family the blender has once again taken center stage as I’ve started concocting delicious, light and refreshing smoothies.

We would like to know what’s cooking in YOUR kitchen this spring!

The Norman Williams Public Library and the Ottauquechee Health Foundation are partnering to create a Community Wellness Cookbook to connect, nourish and serve the Woodstock and surrounding communities.

We invite your participation through the submission of original recipes that fit the following health-promoting criteria:

  • Focus on whole foods (i.e. fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains) rather than refined foods (i.e. white sugar, white flour, etc.)
  • Emphasize plant foods, although some animal products are acceptable
  • Celebrate seasonal and local produce!

In your submission, please include ingredients with amounts, instructions for preparation as well as any interesting narrative or thoughts about your creation.  You can either fill out a recipe submission form, which is available at the Library’s circulation desk, or you can email me at the address listed below.  Please submit your recipes by May 15, and in exchange, I will email you three of my own spring recipes for you to enjoy.

The submission form is in the blog post below this – I look forward to seeing your recipes!

Alternatively, visit the link below to print out the submission form:

Thank you for taking part in this project!

To your health,

Shoshana Belisle

Community Cookbook Editor




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