Current Members

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Adam Ameele and Kristen Hurd
Adrienne Sass and AJ Fry
Alden Fiertz
Allen and Gail Dougherty
Allen and Sara Louise Hall
Andrea Kannas
Andy and Kathy Mann
Angelica Steadman
Ann Brown
Ann Debevoise
Anne Macksoud and Joby Thompson
Anne Marie Bohn
Anthony Thacher
Barbara Gibbs
Barbara Kelley
Barbara Simmons
Becky Fielder
Bert and Kathleen Eiselein
Beth Robinson
Bill Chorske
Bob and Joan Williamson
Bobbi Lynds
Brian and Debra Knez
Brian and Sharon Earn
Britney Koetsier
Brook Adler
Bruce and Meg Seely
Bruce and Patricia Gould
Bruce and Suzanne Marier
Caitlin Eastman
Carl and Ching-Wen Taylor
Carl and Joyce Roof
Carl and Lois Kuniholm
Carl and Mary McCuaig
Cary Agin
Catherine and John Amarante
Cathy and Bill Emmons
Charles and Carol Nettleship
Charles Humpstone
Charles Simons
Chet Williamson
Chris and Sally Miller
Christa Blanchard
Christopher Lloyd and Vassie Sinopoulos
Clare and Jason Drebitko
Clover Durfee
Coleman and Cecilia Hoyt
Cory Barbis and Greg Soula
Craig Barrett and Sue Pelton-Barrett
Dale Kjerulf
Dalene Washburn
Daniel andBuffy Bell
David and Bernadette Darakjy
David and Cathleen Donath
David and Jane Crandall
David and Patricia Crocker
David and Patricia Russell
David and Peggy Fraser
David and Vicki Strousse
David Simmons
David Sullivan
Deanna and Robert Jones
Deborah Heimann
Deborah Phillips
Denise Dupuis
Denise Lyons and Michael Stoner
Dennis and Julie Murphy
Dexter and Sally Foss
Diane Ames
Diane and Jeff Dillon
Donald Seville and Colleen Lannon
Dorie and Joe Porcelli
Dwight and Kay Camp
Eleanor M. Pizzani
Elizabeth Deignan and Dan Bellmore
Ellen Satterthwaite
Elliot and Ina Gant
Elspeth Lothes
Eric Fritz
Eric Wegner and Diane Kiernan
Frank and Barbara O’Connell
Fred and Marge Eydt
Gail Holmes
Gary Smith and Betsy Siebeck
Gay Travers
Geoffrey and Joan Nichols
George and Jill Helmer
George and Lucy Sharp
Gerald and Emily Jones
Gerald Fredrickson
Gerry and Frank Fields
Ginny Christy
Ginny Eames and Richard Colantuono
Gregory and Karoline Camp
Hank and Kathy Smith
Harold and Jessica Anderson
Harriet Goodwin
Hugh Hermann
Imants and Karen Vitols

Jack and Diane Anderson
Jack and Irene Jaglom
Jack and Jane McGuire
Jack and Pam Reese
Jackie Fischer and Ron Miller
James Adler
James Dow
James and Lynn Bryant
James and Susan Ford
James Monahan and Colleen Mahoney
Jamie Sudol
Jan and Jennifer Dembinski
Jan Noskey
Janet North
Jane Curtis
Jane S. Smith
Jean Conklin
Jeffrey and Rachel Kahn
Jeffrey Sass
Jennifer Peterson
Jeri Fraser
Jerry and Joan Oppenheimer
Jessica LaPerle
Jessica Stout
Jill Davies and Nigel Hollis
Jill Lord
Jim and Ann Heimarck
Jim and Joy Grossman
Joan Randall
Joanna Garbisch
Joe DiNatale
John and Ellen Snyder
John and Gail Ferney
John and Laurie Chester
John and Mary Beth Brand
John and Nancy Schullinger
John and Patsy Mathews
John and Virginia Lancaster
John and Wendy Wannop
John Moore
John Steinle
Joseph and Amy Morel
Joseph and Ann Marie Boyd
Josh Gale
Joyce and Carl Hurd
Joyce Robison
Judy Williamson
Karen Shea and Michael Ricci
Karl and Phyllis Wood
Kat Robbins
Kate Pierson
Katherine Webster
Kathleen Dolan
Kathy Astemborski
Ken and Carole Van Meter
Kermit and Barbara Hummel
Kevin Donovan
Kirsten Eastman
Kurt and Phyllis Gerrish
Laura and Sherman Kent
Laura Byrne
Laurence Roberts, Jr.
Lawrence and Kathleen McLiverty
Leo Hinkley
Les and Susan Berge
Linda Mullestein
Lisa Kaija
Lisa and Mike Purvis
Lisa Olmstead
Louise Fowler
Lyle and Lisbeth Hall
Lynn and Nancy Peterson
Lynn Murrell and Judith Hills
Lynne Bertram
Macy Lawrence and Lynn Bohannon
Matteo Saadat
Marc Torrey and Judith Smith
Margaret Fanning and David Cate
Margo Marrone
Marian Koetsier
Marie Kirn
Marie Studer
Mark and Kim Lackley
Mark and Kim Sheffield
Mark and Terri Curran
Mark Knott and Rachel Hochman
Mark Melendy
Martin and Alice Goldstein
Martin and Christine Whitney
Mary Young-Breuleux
Mary Ellen McCue
Mary Hawkins and Tom Weschler
Mary LaBreque
Mary Oldenberg
Mary Riley
Matt and Jennifer Maxam
Maureen Martin and Tim Ives
Maurice and Mary Jane Lorenz
Megan Elberty
Mike Kilcullen and Donna Hay
Mimi Murray Eastman

Nancy Bassett
Nancy Gray
Nancy Randall
Neil and Anne Marinello
Nerissa Edwards
Norm and Dail Frates
Norman MacLeod
Norwood and Joanna Long
Oliver and Patricia Wittasek
Oliver and Tita Manice
Oliver Goodenough and Alison Clarkson
Paul and Beverly Regan
Paul and Marian Donnelly
Paul and Nancy Seaver
Paul and Sharon Rigali
Peggy Kannenstine
Pete Lothes
Peter and Claire Mayock
Peter and Jennifer Brock
Peter and Marjorie Behr
Peter Goulazian
Peter Welch and Magaret Cheney
Phil and Jane Grantham
Phil and Judith Bush
Phil and Mary Lee Camp
Phoebe Standish
Polly Billings
Polly Lynn
Preston and Kerilyn Bristow
Priscilla Britton
Pritham Singh and Ann Johnston
Prudence Schuler
Rebecca Geary
Rebecca Nash
Reinhart Jeck
Reverend Pamela Lucas
Richard and Deborah Donahue
Richard and Evy Slusky
Richard and Jane Leonard
Richard and Jill Hastings
Richard and Myrna Brooks
Rick and Kathy Fiske
Rick and Kathy Terwelp
Rob Sennott
Rob Wallace and Sandra Benoit
Robert and Beverly Moodie
Robert and Cicely Bernard
Robert and Fiona McElwain
Robert and Honoré Hager
Robert and Muriel Steinberg
Robert and Nancy Lewis
Rod Leonard
Roger and Debra Amato
Ron and Pam Jaynes
Ron and Sara Kobylenski
Roy and Leigh Snell
Russ and Betsy Tonkin
S.M. Schwebel
Sabra Field
Sam DiNatalie
Sarah Larmie
Sharon and William Cheeseman
Sheila Armen and Shelley Yusko
Sherry Thornburg and Samuel Belk
Shoshana and Townsend Belisle
Steve and Naomi Moyer
Steve Miller
Steven Smith and Shannon Broughton-Smith
Stuart and Judith Repp
Susan and Barry Feinberg
Susan Buckholz
Susan Clark
Susan Inui and Don Ransom
Susan Lewis
Susan Mordecai
Susan Morgan and Larry Perry
Suzanne and James Brian
Suzi Whitehurst
Sylvia Hill
Terry Russell
Tesha Buss
Thomas Bracken
Thomas Debevoise and Laurie Livingston
Thomas Wright
Tina Feeney
Tina Tuckerman
Todd Uva
Tom and Elaine Johnston
Tom Roberts and Lorie Loeb
Torrelee Fisher- Sass
Virginia Palmer
William and Susan Lloyd
William and Titia Ellis

As of March 2016