Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Foundation run the Ottauquechee Health Center?
A: No, the medical clinic at the health center is operated by Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center. The clinic’s phone number is 802-457-3030 and see Mt. Ascutney Hospital’s link describing the Health Center. There are other health care providers who provide services at the two buildings that make up the Ottauquechee Health Center — See List of Tenants. The Foundation’s offices are on the second floor of the Simmons House. Both buildings are numbered 32 Pleasant Street.

Q: Do you have other suggestions for people with health care needs who live outside of our service area (and so are not eligible for OHF’s Good Neighbor Grant or other programs)?
A: The State of Vermont sponsors a 211 number that can be called for referral to any needs throughout the state, or see their Vermont 211 web page. Many local faith organizations provide support and assistance for members and others. Many towns (even small ones) have funds to assist people in need. In addition, some communities have local “neighbor helping neighbor” programs that assist their local community members with a wide range of help.

Q: What is the Foundation’s geographic service area? How was it determined?
The Foundation serves the towns of Woodstock, Hartland, Barnard, Bridgewater, Killington, Plymouth, Pomfret, and Reading; as well as the Village of Quechee. The service area was defined as the towns where most of those who made use of the Ottauquechee Health Center resided. We also sought to include all towns in the school’s supervisory union, so that we could offer services to all children attending the high school.

Q: What does the Ottauquechee Health Foundation do?
A: The Foundation addresses the health care needs of our community (see previous question for geographical area) through grants, funding and support. We make grants to organizations and provide funding on behalf of those with health care needs. We lease the space in our two buildings to health care providers and seek to be leaders in the community with regard to health care issues.

Q: What is the Foundation’s history?
A: The Foundation started making grants in 1997, but its roots in the community go back much further. In 1956 community members began to come together with concern that their beloved doctors and dentists were getting ready to retire and they wanted to ensure that basic health care services would continue to be provided in Woodstock. In 1958, the Ottauquechee Health Center was born. The Simmons House was outgrown in the early 1970s and in 1974, the health center building was built and opened. In 1997, Dartmouth Hitchcock took over the operation of the health center and a large bequest from Gertrude Mertens allowed the Foundation to be established. In 2006, the Foundation oversaw the transition of the health center’s operation to Mt. Ascutney Hospital and Health Center. In 2008, the Foundation celebrated its tenth year of grantmaking, having provided over $1 million in grants to address our communities’ health care needs.