Richard Brooks

Dick Brooks is a year round resident of Quechee.  He and his wife Myrna moved from Scottsdale Arizona to their Quechee home a few years ago and are thrilled to be closer to their children and grandchildren who live in Boston and Burlington.

Dick is a retired Gastroenterologist from Phoenix, Arizona where he worked both in private practice and for the Mayo Clinic of Scottsdale, Arizona from 1973-2005.

His previous board experience includes serving as a board member for St. Joseph Hospital and the Hospice of the Valley.  Dick has also served as Chairman of the Ethics Committee of St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Director of Mercy Hospice of St. Joseph Hospital.

In his spare time Dick is an avid tennis and golf enthusiast, so look for him on the court or on the green!  We are thrilled to have Dick aboard as he has vast knowledge of health issues, is interested in local community health issues and supporting an organization like OHF that promotes health and well-being.